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Arlanda Airport Express Train

Getting from ARN Airport to downtown Stockholm using the Arlanda Express is a convenient and efficient way to travel. There are two train stations at Arlanda Airport: Arlanda South (Terminals 2, 3 and 4) and Arlanda North (Terminal 5). The Arlanda Express trains return to Arlanda Airport from platforms 1 and 2 at Stockholm Central Station. Journey length is about 20 minutes. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Arrival at ARN Airport

Once you arrive at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), follow the signs to the train station. ARN Airport is well-equipped with clear signage, so you shouldn't have trouble finding your way.

Purchase Tickets

If you travel from Arlanda Airport you can buy tickets at the airport information desks (only card payment), at the Arlanda Express ticket counter or use one of the ticket machines. You can also buy tickets online in advance if you prefer. You also can buy tickets at the manned counters or at the self-service machines if you travel from Stockholm Central Station. Make sure to choose the ticket type (single or return) based on your preferences.
The ticket is activated upon purchase.

Adult (26-64 years)

Single Journey: 320 SEK
Round Trip: 600 SEK


Group discounts are available for travelers journeying together!
2 passengers on a one-way trip: 420 SEK (Savings of 220 SEK)
3 passengers on a one-way trip: 520 SEK (Savings of 440 SEK)
4 passengers on a one-way trip: 620 SEK (Savings of 660 SEK)

Children (0-17 years)

Children aged 0 to 7 always travel for free.
Children aged 8 to 17 travel for free when accompanied by an adult (over 26 years).
Children aged 8 to 17 traveling without an adult require a youth ticket.

Youth (18-25 years)

Single Journey: 160 SEK
Round Trip: 320 SEK

Pensioner (65+ years)*

Single Journey: 210 SEK
Round Trip: 420 SEK
*Or provide a certificate from either Försäkringskassan or Pensionsmyndigheten.

Travel Pass

12 journeys: 3 460 SEK
24 journeys: 6 140 SEK

Travel Pass is valid for 24 months. You can easily share journeys with friends or colleagues because the Travel Pass is digital.

Board the Arlanda Express

After obtaining your ticket, proceed to the platform. The Arlanda Express trains are modern and comfortable. The journey to Stockholm Central Station is very scenic, passing through picturesque Swedish landscapes.
Enjoy the Ride: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The Arlanda Express is known for its speed and smoothness. It typically takes around 20 minutes to reach Stockholm Central Station.


Depart from Arlanda North Station (Terminal 5)
Monday: 04:50 - 01:05
Tuesday: 04:50 - 01:05
Wednesday: 04:50 - 01:05
Thursday: 04:50 - 01:05
Friday: 04:50 - 01:05
Saturday: 04:50 - 01:05
Sunday: 04:50 - 01:05

Depart from Stockholm Centralstation
Monday: 04:20 - 00:35
Tuesday: 04:20 - 00:35
Wednesday: 04:20 - 00:35
Thursday: 04:20 - 00:35
Friday: 04:20 - 00:35
Saturday: 04:20 - 00:35
Sunday: 04:20 - 00:35

Departures every 15 minutes, after 12AM every 30 minutes.

Arrival at Stockholm Central Station

The train will arrive at Stockholm Central Station, which is right in the heart of the city. From there, you can easily access the Stockholm downtown area.

Exploring Stockholm: Once you arrive at Stockholm Central Station, you'll find yourself within walking distance of many of the city's attractions, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Feel free to explore the city and immerse yourself in its rich culture and history.

The Arlanda Express is a fantastic way to travel from ARN Airport to downtown Stockholm, offering speed, comfort, and convenience. It's a great choice for travelers like you who want to make the most of their airport experiences and seamlessly transition into exploring foreign cities. Enjoy your journey and your time in Stockholm!