Arlanda Airport (ARN)

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Gdansk 07:25 W61731 Landed 07:02
Helsinki 07:25 AY801 Landed 07:21
New York JFK 08:00 DL204 Landed 07:39
Düsseldorf 08:05 EW9216 Landed 08:09
Vienna 08:10 FR755 Landed 07:54
Helsinki 08:20 AY803 Landed 08:12
Luleå 08:20 SK001 Scheduled
Göteborg 08:25 SK150 Scheduled
Oslo 08:40 DY804 Scheduled
Amsterdam 08:50 KL1215 Scheduled
Belgrade 09:05 JU380 Scheduled
Frankfurt 09:05 LH800 Scheduled
Oslo 09:05 SK864 Scheduled
Zürich 09:10 LX1252 Scheduled
Rhodes 09:10 A34322 Scheduled
Copenhagen 09:15 SK1416 Scheduled
Copenhagen 09:15 SK6262 Scheduled
Oslo 09:15 DY806 Scheduled
Vienna 09:20 OS311 Scheduled
Umeå 09:20 SK2023 Scheduled
Luleå 07:30 D84035 Departed
Split 07:30 D84335 Departed
Catania 07:30 D84371 Departed
Umeå 07:30 D84003 Departed
London LHR 07:35 SK525 Departed
Warsaw 07:40 LO456 Departed
Oslo 07:40 ET714 Departed
Oslo 07:45 SK483 Departed
Skellefteå 07:50 SK1012 Departed
Sarajevo 07:50 D82056 Scheduled
Visby 08:00 SK077 Departed
Bergen 08:00 SK1481 Departed
Enfidha 08:00 BIX2006 Departed
Helsinki 08:00 SK702 Departed
Gdansk 08:00 W61732 Departed
Helsinki 08:05 AY802 Scheduled
Riga 08:05 BT102 Departed
Tallinn 08:10 SK748 Departed
Santorini 08:15 SK7847 Departed
Palma 08:20 DK1748 Scheduled
London LHR 08:25 BA771 Scheduled
Heraklion 08:30 SK2653 Scheduled
Düsseldorf 08:45 EW9217 Scheduled
Vienna 08:45 FR756 Scheduled
Bergen 08:55 AY803 Scheduled
Montreal 09:00 AC803 Scheduled
Rhodes 09:00 FR4537 Scheduled
Berlin BER 09:05 SK2677 Scheduled
New York EWR 09:10 UA069 Scheduled
Skiathos 09:15 SK7929 Scheduled
Arlanda Airport

About the airport

Arlanda Airport is Sweden's largest and busiest international airport, located about 37 kilometers north of Stockholm, the capital city. It serves as a major gateway for travelers to and from Sweden, and it's one of the key international hubs in Scandinavia.
It has several terminals, each serving different types of flights, including international, domestic, and low-cost carriers.
The airport boasts modern facilities, including shopping, dining, and passenger services.
You can easily reach the airport by train, bus, or car.
In summary, Arlanda Airport serves as a contemporary and efficient international hub, offering numerous chances to immerse yourself in Swedish culture.

Facilities - ARN Airport


ARN Airport offers a wide range of facilities to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Here's an overview of some of the key facilities you can find at the airport.

Transportation to ARN Airport


Getting to Arlanda (ARN) Airport from the city center is quite straightforward, and there are a few options available:

Arlanda Express: The Arlanda Express train is the fastest and most convenient way to reach the airport. You can catch this train from Stockholm Central Station (T-Centralen). The journey takes 20 minutes. Trains run frequently throughout the day.
Commuter Trains: Alternatively, you can take commuter trains, which are a bit slower than the Arlanda Express but still efficient. These trains also depart from Stockholm Central Station. The journey takes around 38-40 minutes.
Airport Buses: Several bus services connect the city center to Arlanda Airport. These buses are a cost-effective option. The journey usually takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Taxi or Ride-Sharing: Taxis are readily available in Stockholm, and ride-sharing services like Uber operate in the city. The journey time will depend on traffic conditions.

Check In - Arlanda Airport (ARN)

Check In

Checking in at Arlanda Airport is a straightforward process, and you have a few options to choose from depending on your airline and preferences. Here are some practical check-in tips.

- Familiarize yourself with recommended arrival times at the airport.
- Remember that passengers are responsible for understanding their specific flight requirements through their airline and staying updated with any changes.
- Take advantage of online check-in if your airline offers this service. Many airlines allow online check-in, typically accessible 24-48 hours before departure. If you haven't checked in online, consider using the airport's automated machines for bag tags and check-in.
- When checking in at a counter, be sure to have travel documents (a valid passport or a national ID card, along with a visa if it's required for your travel). For domestic flights, a passport or national ID is generally not necessary. You can drop off your checked baggage at the counter for weighing and inspection.

Security control - ARN Airport

Security check

After checking in and dropping off your baggage at the Bag drop, you must proceed through security.

Security Rules for Terminals 2, 4, and 5D:
Remove outer clothing, blazers, headgear, and any metal items like belts with large buckles or jewelry and place them in a tray.
Liquids must be taken out of your hand baggage and presented separately in a visible tray. Larger electronics, such as laptops, mobile phones, and cameras, should be removed from your hand baggage and placed separately in a tray.
Empty your pockets of loose items like coins or keys and put them in a tray.

Security Rules for 5F (the new security control) in Terminal 5:
Remove outer clothing, blazers, headgear, and metal items like belts with large buckles or jewelry and place them in a tray.
Liquids, electronics should stay in your hand baggage.
Empty your pockets of loose items like coins or keys and put them in a tray.

Terminal - Arlanda Airport (ARN)


ARN Airport consists of several terminals, each serving different types of flights and airlines.

Terminal 2: Terminal 2 primarily handles domestic and regional flights within Sweden. It's used by SAS and Norwegian.
Terminal 4: This terminal is dedicated to international flights, including both short-haul and long-haul routes.
Terminal 5 (also known as T5): Terminal 5 is the largest and busiest terminal at Arlanda Airport. It handles a mix of domestic and international flights and is used by SAS, Norwegian, and many others.
Terminal 5D: Part of Terminal 5, this is used for specific international flights and is equipped with additional facilities for customs and immigration.
Terminal 5F (the new security control): This is a new security control area within Terminal 5, ensuring smoother and more efficient security checks.
SkyCity: This is a commercial complex located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. SkyCity serves as a bustling and convenient central point at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, offering a range of services.

About Stockholm

About Stockholm

Stockholm has a history that dates back to the 13th century. It's home to historical sites like the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan, the charming old town.
One of the city's unique features is its location on a series of islands, which make up the Stockholm Archipelago. This provides numerous opportunities for boat trips, outdoor activities, and exploration.
Stockholm is a cultural hotspot with world-class museums, including the Vasa Museum, ABBA Museum, and the Nobel Museum. It's also known for its thriving arts and music scenes.
The city is known for its modern and clean design. It's a hub for fashion, design, and technology.
The city has an efficient public transport system, including buses, trams, and a subway, which makes it easy to get around.

Information about Arlanda International (ARN)

Information about the airport


Runways: 3301 m., 2500 m. and 2500 m.

Operator: Swedavia

Address: 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden

Phone: (+46) 10 109 10 00

Lost and Found: (+46) 10 410 02 00

Opening Hours: 24 hours / 7 days.